The long journey …. where does it go?

Scence my last post I have moved to the outer parts of Detroit Michigan with my family , not exactly what I was expecting when I said I was moving but for the best. I now am in cosmetology school and let me tell you , you think work is hard … work and school can get to you ! I try to not let it . I started reading a millionaires success habits in hopes of being uplifted and give me more confidence which is what I have got only to still find myself going nowhere , I think I just need to focus and be patient and not let the journey of my life keep me from tapping out ! Thanks for reading !


For yourself!!

So lately I have been feeling so stressed because me and my husband are moving. I have been working a lot of hours with not a lot of benefit. So today after I was off work , I went and bought the purse I had seen at target the other day and how badly I wanted it . So tonight after my 11 hour day, I bought it! It made me feel so happy knowing how hard I worked for it , also knowing ┬ámy life may not be perfect right now but it’s the little things in life that make us happy and make us who we are! So don’t forget to live a little , take your daughter to lunch , go get your nails done or buy that purse you have been thinking about the whole week but are too afraid to spend just that 30-50$ on! You will thank yourself later! Have a good night ladies and I hope this brightens your night!!

First blog post

imageThis is my first post so I guess I’ll just keep it pretty simple for now…. My friends call me Katie , I have a lot of things in my life that I am passionate about and I would like to share them with you . Here are a few ideas as to what I will be writing about. I will be talking about my life as a mother , about work , about my women’s church group , my daily habits and routines! I hope you guys enjoy and keep up with my posts! I would love to read comments and answer and questions anyone has. I really just want to use this blog as an opportunity to be able to help other women and other moms out there who think that it’s hard and that you can’t do it, I just want to let you know … You can do it, and Your NOT alone !!!

Thank you for reading!